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Production Services


Every Format Imaginable
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Parks Canada

Creative, Production & Post Services

Kluane National Park and Reserve's new interpretive video.
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Bank of Canada

Creative, Production & Post Services

A series of videos for the Bank of Canada.
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Feature Film

Production and Post Production Services

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Amberwood Entertainment

Post Production Services

Audio and Video Post
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Creative, Production & Post Services

PSAs for the Canadian Optometrists Association.
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CTV 2012 Olympics Opening

Production Services

On location with the RED camera with Olympic Equestrian Champion, Ian Millar.
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TSN/Senators Shoot

Production Services

Production services for TSN for this Senators Promo.
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The Affinity Production Group

Affinity is Ottawa and the National Capital Region’s largest full-service digital media, video production and post-production company. Whether for film, broadcast television, video or the web, we provide extensive creative content and technical services—from concept and script to production, motion graphics, audio and video post-production and distribution. We carry the area’s largest rental inventory of professional camera, lighting & grip equipment and we have close relationships with top DOPs, crews, editors, producers and directors.

Easy access for government clients

For two decades, Affinity has continuously maintained a Supply Arrangement for video and multimedia production with the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada. We're the only production company in Canada to hold a Standing Offer with Canada Post and one of seven with the Canadian Tourism Commission. All our staff have Secret Clearance with PWGSC and our Facility is Protected “B” level. Our PWGSC Supply Arrangement number is EN578-092642/001/CX.