November 30 2016

Chris Gillissie - Technical Production Assistant

We would all like to welcome Chris to Affinity!!

Not just a one trick pony clamp. With a broad knowledge of production elements and the determination to see the job through to Affinity and beyond! Yay Chris!

Amazing Don
November 03 2016

Don Wallace - Climbing Kilimanjaro - balancing the Ronin – Handheld 3-Axis Camera Gimbal - DJI.  All in a day's work for this superstar.  

Drone Dudes
October 14 2016

The Affinity Drone Dudes - Richard and Chris - Flying high!  Have a great weekend, all! 

Training for the Digital World
October 06 2016

David Zimmerly and Rick Henry are once again in Iqaluit, Nunavut, this time to conduct training workshops for the staff at Inuit Broadcasting Corporation.  Now that IBC's new broadcasting centre is complete, our focus has shifted towards helping the staff to make the most of their new equipment and software.  This week we're concentrating on post-production, with hands-on workshops in Avid editing, Photoshop techniques for video, and digitizing from legacy tape sources for both archives and post.  We'll be conducting more workshops in November, and in early 2017, in studio production, IT systems and CatDV archival processes.  It's been a really positive experience as staff members dive into their new toolsets and explore the creative possibilities of this great new facility.

Where's Waldo?
September 27 2016

Where's Waldo... I mean Karl!

As part of the Alex Janvier exhibit opening at the National Gallery of Canada on November 25, Karl and Ivan filmed the masterpiece "Morning Star" at the Museum of History.  Mesmerizing  colours and design.  How did Janvier and his son paint this in 4 months!?!! 

Photo by Ivan Cooke