Where's Waldo?
September 27 2016

Where's Waldo... I mean Karl!

As part of the Alex Janvier exhibit opening at the National Gallery of Canada on November 25, Karl and Ivan filmed the masterpiece "Morning Star" at the Museum of History.  Mesmerizing  colours and design.  How did Janvier and his son paint this in 4 months!?!! 

Photo by Ivan Cooke

No one here but us chickens and our crew
June 28 2016

Thanks to our crew for sending us some amusing stills from the set.  DOP - Larry Carey, Location Sound - Mark Totti and Still Photographer / Grip - Lewis Hill. 

Affinity Generator and UFC Event
June 20 2016

Working with Filmwerks International to provide six days of 24 hr power for the recent UFC event at TD Place.  Tony & Don are a wee bit tired.

On-location at Ciena
June 16 2016

This week Affinity is recording a series of optical networking technology demos for Ciena.

It's also the debut of our new Softron M80 recording system, which can simultaneously capture up to eight separate cameras, scan-converted computer displays or other HD sources - all with matching time code. The resulting ProRes files can then easily be synched and edited as multicam iso clips, resulting in huge flexibility and time savings in post.  

Video Art in Parks Canada's HQ
June 15 2016

So great to see Affinity's Cave & Basin Heritage Site Visitor's video being shown on four screens as it is supposed to be seen!  This picture was taken at the Parks Canada National Office - the original version is playing in Banff and stretches over 70 feet. Kudos to Jeremy Atherton (director), Lowell Cochrane (writer), Karl Roeder (DOP), Chris Coote (editor / post process design), Jamie Muntean and crew (graphics and animation), Serge Cote (composition, sound design), Howard Sonnenburg (audio post / site mixing), David Zimmerly (post production and site playback consultant), and Marye Ménard-Bos (Mother Earth voice-over)!