Building for Dreams in Iqaluit
May 27 2015

L-to-R:  Malakie Kilabuk (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation), Mark Jarbo (AVB Integration), Rick Henry (Creative Images Communications), David Zimmerly (Affinity Production Group), Tom Shives (AVB Integration), Bill Christie (Affinity Production Group), Phillip Joamie (Inuit Communications Systems Limited)

Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and Inuit Communications Systems Limited recently moved into their brand-new building in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and Affinity was there to assist with Phase 1 of their extensive broadcast facilities installation.  Affinity's Post Supervisor / Technical Consultant David Zimmerly and our IT Guy Bill Christie worked with several industry colleagues from Ottawa and Iqaluit to build-out IBC's new central equipment room and six Avid edit suites.  The installation included 160 terabytes of central post and archival storage, LTO tape library, media asset management system, 10Gig Ethernet, an all-digital signal and control routing system and brand-new Mac Pro computers to power post-production.

The crew will head north again in August to complete Phase 2, which will include new video and audio control rooms, voice-over booth and production studio to support on-air broadcasts.

IBC has waited many years for this new facility, christened the Nunavut Media Arts Centre. We are very excited and proud to be part of this project; one which will play an extremely important role in fostering and maintaining Inuit language and culture for generations to come. For more information, please check-out the NMAC web-site.

Teradek Bolt 600 Series
April 29 2015

Affinity Productions has taken delivery of two teleportation systems, er, portable television systems, in the most futuristic way.

The newest integrated wireless video with zero delay, the Teradek Bolt 600 series.  Blasts through walls.  Six hundred foot line of sight transmission.  Keeps directors happy.  Can be handheld as shown, or attached to a large studio display. Two units available, for two camera shoots.   Or, distribute one camera to two displays i.e.:  director / client.

Ask for it on your next shoot.  Teleportation is here!

Affinity Intern Blog
April 28 2015

Affinity Internship Blog

My name is Brianna MacRury and I am a graduating student of the Television Broadcasting program at Algonquin College.

I spent a week at Affinity interning with the production team. I spent the week observing how an actual production team works in the television industry. I was able to contribute to one of Affinity’s productions by preparing paperwork and scheduling for shoot days. I learned how to work with different clients and that to be in the production team you have to be on top of all the projects that are going on. In production if you are organized and have great people skills you will be successful. I had a great time working the team. Everyone at Affinity are professional and it was very nice to work with them. They are a very tight production company. It was a week well spent learning and observing how the company works.

Grad AC 2015
April 24 2015

Congratulations to the Algonquin College TVB graduating class of 2015, wishing them much success in their careers!

It was only a few years ago that these avid Affinity Production Group employees - Diane Camelin (Administrative Assistant) and Vanessa Peral (Producer) were celebrating their graduation from the Algonquin College Television Broadcasting Program at this same place, the Britannia Yacht Club. Yesterday they were back, this time having the pleasure to present the Editor of the Year Award on behalf of Affinity.

"All those old army tricks to kanoodle in the edit suite will come in handy for those aspiring post-production ninjas who will be editing for dollars!” (Credited to Instructor, Randy Dash) 

Old Dogs...
April 17 2015

Old (respected, talented and experienced) dogs CAN teach new dogs tricks.  This week, Algonquin College Television Department's Jeremy Atherton and Affinity's Production Services put together an "Equipment Show & Tell" featuring all our newest and coolest cameras and grip gear.  Drones, jibs - you name it.  It took our Production Services Department two days to build the package and tear it down. 

Fun was had by all!  Thanks to Drone Operator Richard Vanesse, DOPs Karl Roeder, Brian Morris and Robin Smith.