Building for Dreams in Iqaluit: The Sequel
November 16 2015

Building for Dreams in Iqaluit: The Sequel

Affinity is back in Iqaluit, Nunavut, assisting Inuit Broadcasting Corporation and Inuit Communications Systems Limited with Phase 2 of their broadcast facilities installation. We were previously there in May for Phase 1 construction to install the new central equipment room and six Avid edit suites.

On this trip, Affinity's Post Supervisor / Technical Consultant David Zimmerly and freelance Technical Consultant Rick Henry have been working closely with industry colleagues from Ottawa and Iqaluit to complete IBC's new video and audio control rooms, voice-over booth and production studio to support on-air broadcasts. The first live show from the new studio is scheduled for this coming January, 2016.

IBC has waited many years for this new facility, christened the Nunavut Media Arts Centre. We are very excited and proud to be part of this project; one which will play an extremely important role in fostering and maintaining Inuit language and culture for generations to come. For more information, please check-out the NMAC web-site.

Happy Thanksgiving
October 09 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

You may have noticed the new sign?  Come in and try our beds? NO - We’re not selling furniture … we have new neighbours.  Some of their customers wander in occasionally and admire the furniture in our lobby. It’s quite entertaining for Ron and Dale.  

Sudbury Bound
October 01 2015

Off to the Big Nickel to service St-Nickel.  Always a pleasure working with Carte Blanche Films!

Canada Post E-Commerce Awards
September 29 2015

Congratulations to all the winners at the Canada Post E-Commerce Awards live in Toronto last night. Kudos to superstar Arn Chiste for smoothly running the show that had so many moving pieces ... Affinity Productions provided the video assets:  3D Opening and Category Intros, 40 Videos and VOs. Yay, team!



September 23 2015

The Glamour of Show Business

Don washes stacks of cables that were just returned.  At Affinity - we don’t want grips to get their hands too dirty!