Carte Blanche Films are in the building
November 14 2014

We’ve been a little quiet about this but want everyone to know how happy we are to have the fine people from Carte Blanche Films join us at 2740-B Queensview Drive.  Instead of just the signage, the idea was to get a photo of their smiling faces but we haven’t been able to get all of them to slow down and be together in one place long enough.  Oh and a friendly warning…. the estrogen level has gone up in the building… gurls rule.  

Remembrance Day 2014
November 11 2014

It was an honour to be present at the 2014 Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Ottawa.  Affinity had two camera crews at the War Memorial Ceremony and one at the Beechwood Cemetery.  Thank you to our Veterans and to those presently serving Canada, both here and around the world.

David Z and Some Friends
October 14 2014

Our Tech Guru, David Zimmerly is in Siem Reap, home of the amazing Angkor Wat temples. He’s heading to Vietnam tomorrow and then going up to Hue to visit the old Imperial Court complex. We hope he comes back with some new dance moves, one of those pointy hats and some new post-production chops!


Making Wind Power Accessible to the World
October 10 2014

We had the pleasure of assisting Export Development Canada (EDC) recently in the making of this beautiful video for Endurance Wind Power.  DOP:  Ronald Plante

Now That’s a Camera Truck!
September 19 2014

We’ve been teasing you with pictures of this little baby.  Here’s a quick - in and out - fly around.  Thanks to the hard work of Affinity’s Dave Gallant and Tony Plebon, our newest addition goes out on its first mission with the Camera Department of Slalom’s Toi et Moi Season II today!  We are thrilled with how it turned out and pretty happy that Affinity’s Camera Tech and Chief Drone Pilot didn’t crash into it while shooting this.  We've already received inquiries to see if it is available for romantic weekends and are considering these requests. Watch for it on the road and book it for your next shoot.