February 23 2015

Two new, shining stars, Caroline Hayes and Max Moskal, working for Affinity behind-the-scenes at the recent Bryan Adams 30 year anniversary concert of the “Reckless” album release.  No one has to mention that they were approx. minus 7 years old when the album came out….

Alaska Interview
February 18 2015

Photo by J. Larry Carey​.  He and director Jim Alexander are in Alaska interviewing and filming the Urban Unangax Culture Camp for Affinity. 

Amazing Aleut Elder, Alice Petrevelli in Anchorage Alaska. Next week Kautokino, Norway~!

The Sony FS7
February 02 2015

Cameras improve every year, and so do we ;-)
We have recently taken delivery of a fleet of new Sony FS7 cameras, their answer to Canon’s C300 popular release, (but Sony's technology and ergonomics are much better).
The Sony FS7 is a great little documentary camera:

- lightweight and small, yet ergonomic

- super light-sensitive in low-light environments

- proven recording format XAVC for super slow motion: HD to 180fps, and 4k to 60fps.

- zero to 60 in four seconds… (Just like Ron’s cars & bikes!)

- Canon lens compatible; three zoom lens documentary package now available

- EF primes super-speed package with ƒ1.5 aperture also now available

- wireless video monitoring now available

- inexpensive whole-package daily rental to suit

Call for a demo and to see how Richard & Don have customized and packaged the kit.
We continue to invest in new technology - We are here to serve your production needs.
The Sony FS7.  Available now at Affinity Production Group.

Merry Christmas
December 23 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone!  Here's to a happy, healthy and busy 2015!

Chris and Marvin
December 19 2014

Work is a zoo today!  Here's Chris and Marvin the Marmoset. Usually Chris is hidden in the back halls - our secret edit weapon.  But who can resist baby animals? James Hall and his wife Carole Malcolm foster for Saunders Country Critters zoo and brought in Marvin and Fergus the 6 week old African Fennec Fox. This visit seriously cut into work time... for the whole building!