Merry Christmas
December 23 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone!  Here's to a happy, healthy and busy 2015!

Chris and Marvin
December 19 2014

Work is a zoo today!  Here's Chris and Marvin the Marmoset. Usually Chris is hidden in the back halls - our secret edit weapon.  But who can resist baby animals? James Hall and his wife Carole Malcolm foster for Saunders Country Critters zoo and brought in Marvin and Fergus the 6 week old African Fennec Fox. This visit seriously cut into work time... for the whole building! 

David Z and Karaoke!
December 12 2014

This week, David Zimmerly has been in Iqaluit, where at this time of year there is about 4 hours of daylight.  Here he is with Malakie Kilabuk from IBC (Inuit Broadcasting Corporation) and Phillip Joamie from ICSL (Inuit Communications Systems Limited).  They are confirming floorplan details at the new IBC building, new backhaul between IBC and APTN's satellite uplink, equipment evaluation meetings with the staff etc. They all went for karaoke last night.  David's song list was: Blueberry Hill, What a Wonderful World and Back in the USSR (the last one was a duet with Henry).  We wish there was video of that!!



Where's DJZ?
December 11 2014

Where’s ….David now?
Hint - it’s 60 degrees colder than where DJZ was in the last post he was featured.  Next blog - he’ll tell you what he’s up to!

The Mission
December 10 2014

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas at the Affinity Production Group office.  The tree is up and The Ottawa Mission boxes are ready to be filled.  (It was tempting to use the picture of Ron dancing by the tree but... he's the boss.)

If you would like to contribute - drop by to say hi and add something to the box! Here is a list of the top items in demand right now at The Ottawa Mission.

    • New or gently used bath towels
    • New or gently used men’s winter gloves and hats
    • New or gently used men’s winter coats
    • New or gently used men’s winter boots (sizes 8-13)
    • New or gently used men’s shoes or work boots (sizes 8–13)
    • New men’s socks and underwear
    • Men’s toiletries, such as antiperspirant, disposal razors and shaving cream