Grad AC 2015
April 24 2015

Congratulations to the Algonquin College TVB graduating class of 2015, wishing them much success in their careers!

It was only a few years ago that these avid Affinity Production Group employees - Diane Camelin (Administrative Assistant) and Vanessa Peral (Producer) were celebrating their graduation from the Algonquin College Television Broadcasting Program at this same place, the Britannia Yacht Club. Yesterday they were back, this time having the pleasure to present the Editor of the Year Award on behalf of Affinity.

"All those old army tricks to kanoodle in the edit suite will come in handy for those aspiring post-production ninjas who will be editing for dollars!” (Credited to Instructor, Randy Dash) 

Old Dogs...
April 17 2015

Old (respected, talented and experienced) dogs CAN teach new dogs tricks.  This week, Algonquin College Television Department's Jeremy Atherton and Affinity's Production Services put together an "Equipment Show & Tell" featuring all our newest and coolest cameras and grip gear.  Drones, jibs - you name it.  It took our Production Services Department two days to build the package and tear it down. 

Fun was had by all!  Thanks to Drone Operator Richard Vanesse, DOPs Karl Roeder, Brian Morris and Robin Smith.

April 02 2015

The Easter Bunny came to Affinity Production Group early this year.  We all found these on our desks!  Yay!  Have a great long weekend everyone!

Affinity's Amazing Race
March 03 2015

Oh dear… Or… more like reindeer!

Picture something like The Amazing Race Norway: featuring Director Jim Alexander and DOP Larry Carey sent to shoot in Alta and Kautokeino, Norway (you should Google map it - it is WAY up there...)

Now, what could possibly stop this dynamic duo from capturing beautiful footage and interviews in these remote locations?

Certainly not a delayed flight in their two full days of travel, leaving them running through the Oslo airport (second-busiest airport in the Nordic countries) to transfer luggage, clear customs and security, to barely making the connecting flight... Phew! Arriving in Alta, Norway to find their hotel at 1:45 in the morning.  

Someone may have had to wear the same pair of undies (or gone commando, we don’t know those details) for about 3 days due to delayed luggage, but determination, hard work and a good spirit took the crew far… into the tundra on snowmobiles.  The footage is magic!

February 23 2015

Two new, shining stars, Caroline Hayes and Max Moskal, working for Affinity behind-the-scenes at the recent Bryan Adams 30 year anniversary concert of the “Reckless” album release.  No one has to mention that they were approx. minus 7 years old when the album came out….