Affinity's Amazing Race
March 03 2015

Oh dear… Or… more like reindeer!

Picture something like The Amazing Race Norway: featuring Director Jim Alexander and DOP Larry Carey sent to shoot in Alta and Kautokeino, Norway (you should Google map it - it is WAY up there...)

Now, what could possibly stop this dynamic duo from capturing beautiful footage and interviews in these remote locations?

Certainly not a delayed flight in their two full days of travel, leaving them running through the Oslo airport (second-busiest airport in the Nordic countries) to transfer luggage, clear customs and security, to barely making the connecting flight... Phew! Arriving in Alta, Norway to find their hotel at 1:45 in the morning.  

Someone may have had to wear the same pair of undies (or gone commando, we don’t know those details) for about 3 days due to delayed luggage, but determination, hard work and a good spirit took the crew far… into the tundra on snowmobiles.  The footage is magic!

February 23 2015

Two new, shining stars, Caroline Hayes and Max Moskal, working for Affinity behind-the-scenes at the recent Bryan Adams 30 year anniversary concert of the “Reckless” album release.  No one has to mention that they were approx. minus 7 years old when the album came out….

Alaska Interview
February 18 2015

Photo by J. Larry Carey​.  He and director Jim Alexander are in Alaska interviewing and filming the Urban Unangax Culture Camp for Affinity. 

Amazing Aleut Elder, Alice Petrevelli in Anchorage Alaska. Next week Kautokino, Norway~!

The Sony FS7
February 02 2015

Cameras improve every year, and so do we ;-)
We have recently taken delivery of a fleet of new Sony FS7 cameras, their answer to Canon’s C300 popular release, (but Sony's technology and ergonomics are much better).
The Sony FS7 is a great little documentary camera:

- lightweight and small, yet ergonomic

- super light-sensitive in low-light environments

- proven recording format XAVC for super slow motion: HD to 180fps, and 4k to 60fps.

- zero to 60 in four seconds… (Just like Ron’s cars & bikes!)

- Canon lens compatible; three zoom lens documentary package now available

- EF primes super-speed package with ƒ1.5 aperture also now available

- wireless video monitoring now available

- inexpensive whole-package daily rental to suit

Call for a demo and to see how Richard & Don have customized and packaged the kit.
We continue to invest in new technology - We are here to serve your production needs.
The Sony FS7.  Available now at Affinity Production Group.

Merry Christmas
December 23 2014

Merry Christmas to everyone!  Here's to a happy, healthy and busy 2015!