The Life of an Intern
March 02 2016

Ahhhh, the glamorous life of an intern.  Tony helps Diane, unpackage, attach lanyards and load up 250 USB keys for an Affinity client.  That's the "business" in show biz.  Thanks Tony!

National Art Gallery
February 05 2016

The National Gallery of Canada's exhibit: Monet - A Bridge to Modernity concludes on February 15. Affinity participated by filming four selected Ottawa bridges for the exhibit. These shots are 20 minutes in length and are projected in a room in the middle of the exhibition, where people of all ages can paint, draw or just sit, which Monet loved to do in his time. DOP Robin Smith immerced himself in the experience, just as the masters who came before him.

Pee Wee
February 02 2016

It's always fun taking the Dolly out for a roll!  

February 02 2016

Proud to have played a role in this production for EDC 

January 15 2016

The Supreme Court of Canada building is pretty awesome inside.  Affinity was scouting the building in preparation for an upcoming shoot.  Jamie couldn't resist getting a photo to send to her auntie in Regina.  "Look - it's me, in a chair, in the foyer of the Supreme Court"!  Tante Monique came back with... "I hope it's not electric"!  

Have a good weekend!